Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hawaii 2007

A few pics from our August escape to Oahu and Maui.

Detroit Gals

A couple of fun-lovin' ladies that we met at Hula's.

They were drinking.

Waimanalo Beach.

Just a few miles from Honolulu but a world away. Quiet, uncrowded, stunning unspoiled beauty. It was our first beach stop on both (and probably future) trips to the Islands.

Waimanalo video

Sky to Shore at Waimanalo



Calm seas in the summer. Surfing capital in the winter when the waves soar.
We snorkled with Green Sea Turtles, schools of psychedelic fish, and even spotted an Octopus.

Maui Pics

We hardly took the camera out on Oahu. Here are some Maui highlights.

The Road to Hana.

42 miles, 54 bridges, 600 hairpin turns.

One of the many waterfalls that the road to Hana is known for.

Keanae Peninsula lava boulders

Oh,.....another waterfall?

Taro fields
Soaking up the Haleakala rain water. Mmmmmmm Poi.

Wailua Falls
South of Hana. The most scenic waterfall that we found on Maui.

Real live bananas!

Real live pig!

The dark object in the lower center of the picture is a wild pig. You can just make out one of its pointy pig ears. We would have taken a better shot but we kind of left quickly.

Back to the dry side of the island.........

"Big Beach"

You have to cross Big Beach to get to the trail that leads to............

"Little Beach!"

Where we went daily for sun, swimming and great snorkeling.

The view of Molokini Crater from our usual spot at Little Beach.

Fins make great drink holders.

From the roof deck at the Sunseeker. Palms at sunset.

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